13 dead when roof crashes over ice-skating ring

Wednesday, January 4, 2006 This is an excerpt translation of a text found on the German wikipedia site, with an update.

Bad Reichenhall, Germany. The roof over the local ice and tennis court crashed shortly after the end of the official skating time on 2 Jan 05, at about 16.50 hrs. At the time, there were about 50 people inside, mostly families with children. By 10 pm, five had been found dead, one child among them. 20 to 25 people have been injured, just as many are missing.

The reason for the cave-in of the roof was most likely massive snowfalls. Earlier that afternoon, measurements had been taken to determine its stability. Icehockey training had been cancelled for that day. Continuing snowfalls hinder the rescue efforts.

Update on 4 January, 15:42 GMT: So far, 14 bodies have been found.