12 hurt in San Luis de La Balsa tourist bus accident

Monday, January 2, 2006

In San Luis de La Balsa, Costa Rica a tourist bus carrying foreign tourist flipped over in the highway about 55 miles Northeast of the capital of San Jose. At least a dozen people were injured. One man, Dan McHugh, is a Canadian who is among the people hurt.

McHugh says that the roads were slick which caused the bus to slide into a ditch and roll onto its side. He says that he was only cut by shattered glass while other passengers were pinned under the bus.

The nationalities of the other passengers is not immediately known, though McHugh said that there were Australians on the bus and the U.S. Embassy confirmed that there were citizens of the United States also.

One woman with serious injuries was air-lifted to a hospital in San Jose while others were taken to local hospitals in nearby towns.