10 years on Diana, Princess of Wales remembered

Friday, August 31, 2007

Diana, Princess of Wales in 1985

Exactly ten years on from her death hundreds of people attended a memorial service today led by her two sons, William and Harry, in memory of Diana, who was killed in a car crash in Paris, France in 1997.

The memorial service was led by her two sons and was attended by many members of the British Royal Family including Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Prince Charles, Diana's brother and sisters and others including Andrew Lloyd Webber, former UK prime ministers Tony Blair and Sir John Major and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. Hundreds more listened to the ceremony broadcast live outside. There was also a period of two minutes of silence in Harrods, the London department store owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Diana's partner at the time of the crash Dodi, to pay respect.

During the ceremony Harry called his mother "the best in the world" and the Bishop of London, Reverend Dr Richard Chartres, said that Diana should now be left to "rest in peace" and that the media speculation and conspiracy theories should end.

The second inquiry into the circumstances of the fatal crash is due to commence in the coming weeks.