'Imminent threat' as Foreign Office urges Britons to leave Benghazi

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A map of Libya showing the main towns and cities.

British nationals have been urged to leave the Libyan city of Benghazi immediately due to a "specific and imminent" threat to Westerners.

The Netherlands and Germany have joined the British government in warning their citizens away from Benghazi.

Last September, Benghazi was the scene of an attack on the US consulate which left dead the US ambassador to Libya.

A Foreign Office spokesman said "We are now aware of a specific and imminent threat to Westerners in Benghazi, and urge any British nationals who remain there against our advice to leave immediately". The statement indicated that the threat was to Westerners and didn't provide details about specific threats.

The warning from the UK Government comes in the aftermath of an attack at an Algerian gas plant that left 37 hostages dead.

Since September 2012, the Foreign Office has warned against all travel to Benghazi.