$106 billion war bill backed by U.S. House of Representatives

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The official seal of the House of Representatives

The United States' House of Representatives backed a US$106 billion dollar (75 billion) war bill today. The Senate will take a look at the bill next. The bill would fund the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The final vote was 226-202 in favor of the bill. The bill will also give authorization for $108 billion for credit lines for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The bill will help to move President Barack Obama's plans to the next stage — namely reducing operations in Iraq and expanding in Afghanistan

The bill was tough to pass, with only five Republicans supporting it and thirty-two Democrats voting against. The lack of Republican support was due to the introduction of measures to provide $108 billion of new credit lines to the IMF, which they argue should have been part of a separate bill.

The bill also included compromises with regards to Guantanamo Bay, allowing suspects to be taken to the United States for questioning but not for permanent detention.