Wikinews interviews Steven Meserve, founder of Loving Cats Worldwide, ahead of 2023 Birmingham Cat Extravaganza show

Sunday, August 6, 2023

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A cat of the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary in Rome, Italy.
Image: Andou.

On Tuesday, Wikinews reporter Ash Thawley interviewed Steven Meserve, founder of Loving Cats Worldwide (LCWW), with one of its Cat Extravaganza cat shows slated for December in Birmingham, UK.

LCWW is an organisation whose stated goal is to "increase the visibility of all CATS, educating EVERYONE to do their part with the overwhelming rescue situation, preserving our breeds and protecting our ethical breeders, all while organizing ground-breaking interactive Cat Extravaganzas in a city near you".

Other Cat Extravaganzas this year were scheduled for the United Kingdom's Doncaster, Maidstone, Liverpool and Scotland, while Peru, the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan and Colombia were to host others.

By April, videos of the events had amassed at least millions of views on TikTok.

Interview with Steven Meserve


What prompted the founding of LCWW?

 ((Steven Meserve )) Loving Cats Worldwide was founded to increase the visibility of all cats! Dogs have taken centre stage for too long and it's time for cats to be put into the spotlight!

There isn't enough education around cat ownership, or awareness for the overwhelming rescue population, so in 2015 I began Loving Cats to make a real difference and put all cats onto a global stage.

 ((WN )) I see on your website that you support "ethical breeding". How would you define that term?'

 ((Steven Meserve )) For any breeder to be ethical they[sic] must go through proper genetic and health testing, keep their cats in excellent condition and research all there is to know about their breed.

Potential cat owners must also do their due diligence when purchasing a kitten. Ethical breeders will ensure their kittens are vaccinated with a rabies vaccine, microchipped, [de]wormed, flea treated, and neutered/spayed before going to their new home (once the kitten is a minimum of 13 weeks old).

 ((WN )) What steps does your organisation take to promote ethical breeding?

 ((Steven Meserve )) We have a strict set of guidelines for any breeder to be associated with LCWW, and at you will find a database of ethical breeders named 'LCWW Cats and Kittens'.

Loving Cats is a hub of information and advice, we create informative content and give huge visibility to these issues across our digital platforms. For anyone wanting more information, we're available to give advice over email or social channels!

 ((WN )) There's a common saying on social media, "adopt don't shop". How do you feel about this mentality?

 ((Steven Meserve )) Adopt Don't Shop and Pedigree Cats have always been opposing ideas. I believe we are the first company ever to be bridging the gap!

There is definitely a space for both, working alongside the rescue and adoption centers is the most effective way to make an impact.

We have an informative video about our stance on Adopt Don't Shop on our YouTube channel!

 ((WN )) What does your organisation hope to achieve with Cat Extravaganzas?

 ((Steven Meserve )) At a Cat Extravaganza and Rescue Awareness Events visitors can support local charities and rescues, witness an International Cat Competition, see the most beautiful cats in the world strut the cat walk, see who wins in Best in Show, learn all about cats and more, and get their own furry friend a gift from our amazing shopping village!

With every Cat Extravaganza we help more people come to love and appreciate these amazing animals in a deep and meaningful way, and strengthen our goal to increase the visibility of all cats worldwide.

 ((WN )) For your upcoming Birmingham event, why did you choose to host at the National Exhibition Centre?

 ((Steven Meserve )) We are so proud and excited to be bringing the Birmingham Cat Extravaganza and Rescue Awareness Event to the NEC this December 2-3. The NEC is one of the most incredible venues in the UK and we are so excited to be there! It is of course also home to the amazing Crufts, but now it's time for cats!

 ((WN )) What do you see in the future for your organisation?

 ((Steven Meserve )) We will provide continued support to local rescues, charities, and for ethical breeders. We also hope to continue to grow the Meserve foundation mission by education and implementation, to reduce the numbers in need and ensure a brighter future for all cats.


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