Wikinews:Wikinews Bulletin/2007-2/Editor's note

Editor's note edit

Dear fellow Wikinewsies (I know one person who will lend me his ear now),

I took the liberty of writing some stuff for the bulletin (as you can see I'm terrible at Wikibreaks), I hope you will be so bold as to do the same some day when this Bulletin is late (someone has got to do it, there is a redlink at the bottom for a reason...). As always my spelling and grammar is level en-3 so be sure to copyedit viciously! I tried to keep it interesting and humourous.

If you have a moment to spare from your article writing activities, please try to look at the water cooler, where you can find a range of discussions awaiting your input!

Enjoy wiki,

Steven Fruitsmaak

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