Wikinews:Water cooler/technical/Archive

Archives for the Technical section of the Water Cooler.

The current archive is Archive 13.

  • Archive 1
    Topics covered: Help! The water cooler is too full!, Suggestion of Trackback Feature, New tool on IRC, Anyway for stubs to be listed on Developing articles automatically?, A concept for News Briefs, New system for Latest news/Digests, Responses, Tools for article authors, New Main Page Layout
  • Archive 2
    Topics covered: New web-based IRC chat client for #wikinews, Extension, Potential feature: Crossword puzzle, Linking to Wikipedia articles, source template
  • Archive 3
    Topics covered: News ticker, Separate templates on Editor's tasks, Stock market data - help needed, Dutch interface links, Categories, Date Tag, Bundling articles, Axe language selection?, Wikinews-specific skin (Full details), OK Alpha geek challenge... overriding the image click link, DynamicPageList, New real-time online collaboration tool, Why we need to use 'Subst:' in templates, How does Index work?, Minor bug in the software, or bad wiki markup?
  • Archive 4
    Topics covered: Cologne Blue Skin, Legality of market data?, Readership stats available?, Reviews and Editorials: A technical solution, News Dossiers, Weather Bot, Page diff should also display comment, RSS -> live bookmarks code, Measuring the audience, Infoboxes, goes to the wrong place, New Layout, copyright link in source points to gfdl but wikinews is PD, Blinking logo, New Developing Stories and Latest News system, DPL Conversation, Random thought, tooltip for nav menu is incorect, MediaWiki upgrade, DynamicPageList update, Possibility for DPLs on Main Page, DPLs installed, Developing stories - should it use DPLs?, DPL use on the Main Page, Page moves cause an article to jump to top of DPL, A technical solution for the DPL developing template, what happened to browse by section?, Headline section double entry of a news story
  • Archive 5
    Topics covered: Timestamp needed, Articles in Category listings, Article naming, Template:Copyvio, Commons are at it again (they want to block the WeatherBot), Automatic spell checking
  • Archive 6
    Topics covered: Techniques used to keep news down after edits, Problems in IExplorer, Automatic things need work, Portal namespace, Problem with version comparison
  • Archive 7
    Topics covered: DPL2, 'merging' template was missing, Upload link broken, Public Domain Tagging Bot, CC logo, User talk page editing for blocked users enabled, Special:Cite, Infoboxes, <Link/>..., My Contributions, Double redirects, New Article Inputbox, Rename bug, Index.php, Wikinews as NNTP news
  • Archive 8
    Topics covered: RC Patrol, Voting and Consensus, Comments, Multi-category DPLs, What happened to the source template?, "podcast", Copyvio script proposal, Lead Article Template,, Link to Wikinews at Current_events, RDF meta data, News discussion/commentary on Wikicities, April Fools Prank, Weather bot images on commons, pl weather, Email this story . . ., IRC, URLs using IDs rather than titles, Need help from someone in the UK, Need to confirm e-mail address, multi-lang portals
  • Archive 9
    Topics covered: Tawkerbot2, Date oddity, New {{poll}} flag, Discussions of the news, "history" and signature records not accurate?, Articles either disputed or in development should not be spidered, Fixed your Create a New Article, Spellchecking, WeatherBot images on Commons: OK to delete?, Daylight saving in North America, Custom toolbar button for adding sources, Sources to References Transition?, Date template fix?, Images can now be undeleted!, Changing categories on archived articles, html error in Template: Lead, DynamicPagelist2, About the daily print and audio news, Ordering according to date, category stuff, MediaWiki:Sitenotice acting up, AutoWikiBrowser, purging cached special pages, How to insert picture, Featured stories, Error with pages, Submitting Audio to the Automatic RSS EMail?, broken rss feed, Template:Topics - formating nav boxes, Captcha, Stats, DPL2, wikipediapar, test, Sources section, Wikinews Hotline -- add SMS capability?, RSS feeds not working properly, interwiki bot, Template:New Zealand badly broken, Reactions to the Iraq Study Report, RSS feed dead -again, What about DPL2?, RSS broken
  • Archive 10
    Topics covered: Sitenotice all Javascript, Page loss in MSIE6?, RSS problem?, HELP, Newbie here. sign my name in the message. By tilde., Deleted articles and talk pages,Somalia should be included in Portal:Africa, Latest News RSS Feed? ,rss feed notice, RSS feed circulation, Is there a bot to fix double-redirects? ,rss feeds in wikinews, "Wiki does not exist", User Comments, DynamicPageList help, Template:Archive, Tasks requiring automation, Wikinews trailer, Background, country templates, change the site theme. We look really bad, copy-vio not showing up on WN:DR, Jump to top, Change of title to downsize, Do Not Ban This IP if it comes up, what gives?, Renaming articles and the comments pages, Unpublished articles on RSS feeds?, "view opinions" tab, Headline about Irish general election is WRONG! google analytics, Disputed/unpublished articles showing on "Random page", Request for Accreditation, rename discussion namespace to collaboration, opinions tab does not show up red, Should you find and upload a free alternative, please label this image as Template:Depreciated., MediaWiki on moving pages, Creating new article problem, Why no wikitable
  • Archive 11
    Topics covered: Wikinews weather, Wikitable still not up to standard, Wikipedia Table of Contents enhancement, Quiz extension, Microformats and coordinates, Recent page move vandalism, Improved news design?, Monobook Skin Possessed, Custom CSS, Thanks for the prompt to rename "Comments" page!, Comments namespace, RSS mess up?, Google stats, Reduce the need for 2 Dynamic Navigations, Can a forum on Retail Industry be considered?, real live chat channel for Wikinews, Comment tab extension, hide-away portal, PDF articles, Remove confirm screen for purge (anons), Monobook script not working,Transcluding DynamicPageList results to Wikipedia pages, Page move restriction, Broken "opinions" tab, How to use DynamicPageList to display from either of two categories at once?, Directly linking to videos (and other weird uri schemas), Comment tab extension, language list, DPL getting date wrong?, Microformats and coordinates, DPL userdateformat parametrs, New Wikipedia Tool Wikinews Needs, Ticker efficency, #tag, RSS Not Updating, Photography laws, Archives/categories, Wikinews search?, Audio file, Updating the new leads, Wikinews WAP, Audio update, "Wikinews has a problem" - "This site is experiencing technical difficulties", Shankbone Audio Interviews, Does this audio file crash your browser like it does mine (be forewarned), Comments talk: namespace, Wikipedia article traffic statistics, Template:Editprotected and Template:Archived, WN:AAA dynamic list for edit-protected, Editing titles?, And uploading non-listed file types to Media commons?, Interwiki linking, Templates stories?, Single User Login, Navigation, Rendering on airport internet terminal, File Uploads set to Autoconfirmed
  • Archive 12
    Topics covered: New statistics bot; Prepared: namespace; RSS/Atom news channel for Wikinews; Wikinews wap (mobile phone) portal; Proposed enhancement to the DPL extension; new ticker; __NOINDEX__ magic word; "Latest News RSS" Display Wrong Date in "Feed Headlines"; Robot to categorize the ARCTIC?; Changing Commons images, FlaggedRevs, move search box up, FlaggedRevs reader feedback module, infobox, How to get 2 categories to output in the same DPL?, Flagged revisions bug?, Showing number of articles needing review in recent changes, Disabling wgFlaggedRevsAutoReviewNew, Audio template messing up page formats, Looking for help - new Audio Wiki template?, Changing Sitenotices?, Bug 15669 (<nodraft> tag), More Google news requirements, Latest from Josh @ Google..., Wikinews:Story preparation Exclusion for Robots.txt, Hotline still listed on print edition, Would sighted revisions be useful on recentchanges, Reverting edits marks article as newest?, Addressing error, Wikinews on mobile phones, Identify "hanging" comment pages, Bot approval for inital sighting of authoritative pages, Article view counts on articles, Fundraiser banner, SineBot, The IWF blacklist, bug:16865 (related to robots/indexing), Problem with recent changes, Use of global site notice for steward election notice, Article on related Iceland articles but not portal, I need ideas .., Un-sighting edits, Slash error, Two typos in Gadget tab, Sort by date in Categories, HotCat not working, Category RSS, Category statistics, Latest news, Special:WantedPages, {{#formatdate:..., Playing subtitles in Ogg-embedded media player, Fixing redirects, The {{Howdy}} template