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Archives for the Policy section of the Water Cooler.

The current archive is Archive 19.

  • Archive 1
    Topics covered: Categories and topic pages, Use of IRC to set Wikinews policy, Subject categories, Local reporting--different policies?, Other languages?, Many policy polls still open - until Jan 20, Global and local views, Policies and guidelines, Should we follow WP until we have our own policies firmed up?, Editorial Workflow, Speedy Deletion Policy, Many policy polls still open - until Jan 20 (again), Copyright Issues, Source texts, "Wikinews: What Wikinews is" and "Wikinews:Neutral point of view"., Political naming conventions, Forming policy on IRC, Public Domain
  • Archive 2
    Topics covered: What is policy, Date/Timezone etc, Editorials & Opinion Columns, Protecting old articles, Multiple stories on one topic or event, Amgine thinks my submission re; Afghan opium production skyrocketing under our watch is "opinion"., User:paulrevere2005/Afghanistan opium production keeps skyrocketing while the administration says "Drugs Fund Terrorists", Inconsistant Wikinews copyright policy, Removed crossword link from front page banner, Conspiracy theories on Wikinews
  • Archive 3
    Topics covered: Reporter Credentials, Digression away from POLICY discussion, Is NPOV Being Mis-used as an Excuse to Neutralize and Censor News Facts Which "Big Brother"(western governments/businesses) Would Like to see Neutralized/Censored??, Wiki Links, Dates too, April fool poll?, Can't trust w: for pictures then the whole thing is in trouble!
  • Archive 4
    Topics covered: Revised regions/bureaus organization scheme, Notes on Fair Use, Disclaimer should be added to top of page template, Copyright notice is completely wrong, Extension of previous wikilinks proposal, Mediation, Dealing with duplicate articles proposals needed, Thimk or Thwim, Policy question about non-English sources, Is it legal to include document from Wikipedia?, Libel, Hiding news based on NPOV, Number of day onWikinews:Deletion requests, Press Kit images, Retroactive categorising?, Move protection, creating / deleting dispute flag templates, Chinese Wikinews versus fear of censorship, Standard practice linking images to articles?, Good discussion here, but on the policy page?, Mediation Works; Dispute Settled:))
  • Archive 5
    Topics covered: Entrenchment, Enthusiastic deletion, Undercover Journalism, Fair use images on Wikinews, Category:published, Front page headlines, Developing Stories (how long?), Press releases pretending to be news?, WikiNews Network, Audio Wikinews, Speedy Deletion Policy Addition, What is propaganda?, Licensing of articles, Banning AutisticPsycho, Wikinews:No original conclusions, CSD addition, Article flag templates, Linking to previous Wikinews stories, Amgine
  • Archive 6
    Topics covered: Wikinews:Audio Wikinews. Again., Front page pictures, Non-commercial use images on Wikinews, Corrections, Big hairy tags on developing stories, Talk page comments, Inherent PoV at Audio Wikinews, Deletion of Proved-Wrong Articles?, Abuse of administrative deletion powers, Hotel1.jpg, Human rights vs. copyrights, Solution to the Audio Wikinews conflict, Policy needed for "Deletion Requests" Nonsense, Speedy delete addition - Cut & Paste copyvio
  • Archive 7
    Topics covered: From one journalist, IRC override?, Credentials?, License, Allowable User Names, Undercover Government Agents on Wikinews?, Wikinews Daily Reach triples; Ravers?; Effect on policies?, Original author withdrawing "his" story?, Deleting requests for de-admin in the middle of the voting process, Please see the brand new anti-wiki(imo) rules for dealing with de-admin.Requests
  • Archive 8
    Topics covered: Abolition of Wikinews:Three revert rule, Extention to the Wikinews:Three revert rule, Propose some external mediation, External Mediation, Another admin has reblocked Neutralizer for 6 months, Banning User:Neutralizer for 6 months, Lets give more credit to articles which are based on an article with compatible copyright to ours., Change in Accreditation Policy, Plot to Permanently Ban Me?, Discussion page useful for mentioning copy/code reversion reasons, editing out comments on the water cooler, Press Releases, Pseudo-events, and WikiNews's Publishing Policy, Delay and Obstruction of news stories which report the misdeeds of the U.S. government, Bringing concerns about admins' behavior to the water cooler, Tag it or move it back to develop?, Promoting development stories to published, Use of dateline template, Policy discussion: What should be acceptable as a "credible source" for Wikinews?, Wikinews Project Licensure Poll is open!, New linking policy, Image copyright question, changing publish date, New license for Wikinews, Administrators retaining administrative powers after resigning from Wikinews, Are administrators at risk of developing the God complex?
  • Archive 9
    Topics covered: Let's move on, 'cos it's time to groove on..., Neutralizer's punishment, Apologies to the Community, Introducing Wikinews:Mediation, There is a mediation system in place, Arbitration Committee assuming blocking/unblocking authority, Community Discussion on Dealing with Neutralizer, Length of blocks, Unilateral block
  • Archive 10
    Topics covered: Policy on detecting institutional bias, Policy changes should be addressed/resolved on the policy page (here) before edits being made?, Quarterly Policy Reviews?, Massive number of tag&dashs, Article Flags "Wizard of Ozish", Blocking threats on community pages, Policy re; Other alerts, Extension for Deletion guide, Where Wikinews is headed, NPOV article, International exposure, New section on WN:DR for copyvios, Under Wikinews policy, do Administrators have the Authority to Blank and Close the talk page of someone they are in ongoing dispute with?, Restrict voting of community polls to contributors only, Wikinews should allow older news
  • Archive 11
    Topics covered: Arbitration Committee proposal and discussion, Requests for De-administratorship proposal and discussion, Policy proposal Re; Time limit for Administrators, changes in style guide, Policy needed re;Amgine's "Dragnet" Blocks, Adminship, Blocking policy page, Country names in articles
  • Archive 12
    Topics covered: Invasive controlling of User's space, Arbitration Committee Elections 2006, Editing published stories, Foreign language sources, Modification to three revert rule blocking policy, 3RR Discussion comment, There is presently in WN:3RR zero policy basis for the concept of partial revert, Wikinews:Letters to the Editors, Snap-vote, 3RR policy discussion, Snap-vote, Proposal to amend WN:3RR, Proposal to amend WN:Administrators, For Objection Resolution Only, What use are policies which have been developed by the community if they are not followed?, General POV problem preventing publishing of articles with content not supporting U.S. government views and values, Article "discussion" page- define discussion, Why allow "Site Disruption" type accusations on article talk pages?, Userbox/babel templates, Interpretations of Blocking policy, Arbcom has no authority to be Addressing or Setting Wikinews Policy!
  • Archive 13
    Topics covered: Pictures from Abu Ghraib, Do we have a "whistle blower's protection" policy?, Off-Site non-transparent decision making, Blocking "harrassment"?, Wikinews Censorship Aspect of Cowicide Blocks, Cowicide's Response, Ongoing block and talk page protection of User:Cowicide, nofollow tag == turnoff, Sourcing, On dealing with personal attacks, Ongoing loss of contributors, Discussion of anglo-american NPOV, Policy changes without discussion, Amgine's Userbox policy, and babel proposal, Username 67-21-48-122, Administrator criteria, Userbox proposal
  • Archive 14
    Topics covered: Bringing matters to "Admin Alert" page, Admin Action page; not part of wikinews?, A deletion decree from Messedrocker, Wikinews:Archive conventions, Wikinews:Don't disrupt Wikinews to illustrate a point, Format, Sports game recaps and breaking sports news, Discussion about term "terrorism" and NPOV, Is ArbCom growing in responsibilities without any discussion or voting from community?, Policy change for ArbCom, Policy for Checkuser requests, Wikimedia Privacy Policy updated, Renaming of articles policy, Captcha help and login for watercooler edits, Ango-american-centric POV is dominating our Middle East coverage, Wikinews' NPOV policy and war coverage are mutually exclusive, Follow-up Articles, Revision to deletion policy, Wikinews events at Wikimania, Government sources are not NPOV, A proposed change for NPOV, Double-dated article, pls review, Content guide discussion, request for review, Oversight, Request for a review, Sources policy, Correcting published articles, Proposal, Date format.
  • Archive 15
    Topics covered: Poll: Use of words "terrorist","terrorists" and " terrorism", Arbitration Committee and systemic bias., Californian photographers who'd like to go to the Oscars?, Israeli recognition POV, The Importance of Editorial Pieces in a Democratic Society, Just a thought about editorials, Mississauga, Ontario and Chavez, redirect from news namespace to portal namespace ?, Accredited photographer status?, License compatibility, IRC meeting about Israeli recognition POV, Amgine's use of this wiki, New Zealand, Amgine's deadmin, Steward Angela Beesley confirms Amgine deadmined, skill testing question to create an account is un-wiki, Ethics of interviews, Image use policy, Poll : A call to adopt iso 3166 country names as wikinews policy, Locking leading article so quick?, attribution text, People categories, The artical on the book: Speak violates the neutrality act, Filehawk, identity of child victim, Post-publication policies?, Simple Wikinews?, Headline Copyright?, Is rewriting an article a violation of copyright or plagiarism?, Protection policy, Deleting articles, How much OR is OR, Dispute resolution, Usage of Cc-by-nd
  • Archive 16
    Topics covered: Usage of Cc-by-nd, Comments on current affairs, Us-centrism, lack of coverage, etc, press releases on Wikinews:Proposed deletion, (Poll:Vote for Proposed deletion as an official policy and Add Press Releases to Proposed Deletion) April fool's stuff, User photo's, Recommendation to Delete Downsizing Title Policy, Template:Press Release, have issued correction, discussion pages cannot be altered, Sources, oversight role, logo images in headers on portals, Should sports stories appear on the main headline list?, Inactive accredited reporters, part II, Accredited reporters - part 3, How to propose a policy change, Comments section, Still no reviews, Minimum length of articles and breaking news, CC-BY 3, Archiving non-published articles, public speeches and NPOV, Fair use images, Wikinews:Deleted article notice, Credits on images, more resolutions, Sources, deleting published articles, rumours, Abusive usage of WIKINEWS, Re-writing news is OK.
  • Archive 17
    Topics covered: One "Shorts" in day, rename?, Days, Wikinews has a real bad problem if if can't report news, Endorsements now open for Wikimedia Foundation Board, Wikinews OTRS queue, Warning against board candidate: Kate, Unused unfree images, No option for short, newsworthy posts?[ed:archive seems to be missing from here], Editing images ok?, Wikinews:Inactive Policy, NPOV world vs local and original reporting, abusive admins blocking and biting newbies, Our policy on Sockpuppets, wikimedias software policy, Listing sources cited in chronological order,[ed:to here] More on WN:IP, Is Wackynews NPOV?, Articles based on public domain (VOA) material - Part II, Reviews of Entertainment, Editorials, Book Reviews, and NPOV on Wikinews, Wikinews Editorials, 24 hour limit, The problem with WN:ARCHIVE, New class of users (editprotected), Internal links to userpages, please ban, Code of Ethics, Non-consensus deletion of images, OR (what constitutes), Style guide - "Notations" subsection at bottom of articles, Who can vote on deletion requests, Using the news paper here for stories, Policy regarding news story age, WN:SD page name, External Linking Policy, What Constitutes a Consensus?, credit in image captions
  • Archive 18
    Topics covered: Professional researchers/journalists; Collaborative publishing model; Speedy Deletion, Noncommercial and You; GFDL Templates; WN:GRU; Upload methods; Ethics; Article numbers for categories; Verifying OR; Updating related news for archived stories; Why are edits reviewed by so-called established editors?; Sports articles, Enable "flood flag"?, What is our policy on interview formats?, Conflict of interest, Date of article and date of publication - should we adopt a UTC policy?, 2008 Prairie meteoroid, "Newsworthyness" in relation to interviews, Corrections on Main Page, "Review": is it time?, Automatic sighting, Removal of editor status, Compliance with Wikinews:Etiquette, The failure of wikinews, Reviewing and breaking news, Coverage section, Global Sysops Policy, Template:Wikipedia and Template:Wikipediapars, Incomplete copyright notice, OR and Broadcast report, Copyright violations and how to handle them, Non-English sources
  • Archive 19
    Topics covered: How to preserve a scoop?; Proposed new global policy: m:Biographies of living people; A few thoughts about the accreditation process; Abysmal treatment of newcomers - Wikinews as an Orwellian state; Football category renamed without consensus; False articles; Promotion of Meekel to editor status per IRC?; Sources versus External links; Abbreviations and acronyms; Flagged revision