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Questions for Gáspár Maróth (Hungarian Government commissioner responsible for defence industries)

Gáspár Maróth comes to my hometown tomorrow (Nov 23) to lecture, and there is a chance that the audience might ask questions from him. This is the guy who administered this acquisition. If you would have questions for him or ideas, you may list them here. The lecture title is "European military industry and a united European force - intentions, opportunities, vision" ((hu))Hungarian: ‍Európai hadiipar és egységes európai haderő - szándékok, lehetőségek, jövőkép, but, I guess, recent homeland developments can also be asked about. - Xbspiro (talk) 14:32, 22 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Reviewer for planned Goornong article

Hi fellow Wikinewsies - this may be a tad too far in advance, but no time like the present. As I've said, I plan to take the train up to Goornong to file this photo essay on 12 December. I was wondering if anyone might be willing to review the article on the day? To be clear, this is not a commitment, and I do not expect anyone to be available on that day - I'm only asking here so that when I submit the article for review, I can ping reviewers who may be available. The story will likely be submitted for review by midday AEDT (1am GMT, 8pm EST) and potentially a couple of hours later. If you think you might be able to review this article at this time, please do let me know! --LivelyRatification (talk) 01:54, 26 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]