We encourage awards to deserving Wikinews contributors. Here are a number of them.

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The Wikinews Trophy edit

Reward Wikinews contributors for hard work and due diligence by awarding them The Wikinews Trophy. To give the award to someone, just edit their user page to include the image, and say why you've given it.


To use this image, cut and paste the following code on the user's discussion page. along with the reason why they deserve the honor (and please record it at Wikinews:Trophy/Record):

[[File:Trophy.jpg|right|frame| I, YOUR NAME, hereby award NAME OF AWARDEE HERE the Wikinews Trophy for REASON HERE.]]

Which looks like this:

I, YOUR NAME, hereby award NAME OF AWARDEE HERE the Wikinews Trophy for REASON HERE.

You can also use File:Trophy.png if you need a transparent background.

Barnstar edit

The Barnstar is given to recognise particularly fine contributions to Wikinews, specifically in relation to the metaphor of barn raising as representing collaborative effort toward a common goal. See Barnstars.

Original reporting barnstar edit

Camera Barnstar awarded for extraordinary or tireless original reporting.

Wikinews Medal of Persistence edit

The Medal of Persistence is awarded to users who have dealt with a large amount of vandalism

Contest Winner trophy edit

Trophy given to Contest winners

Newbie Barnstar edit

Newbie Barnstar awarded for extraordinary help to new wikijournalists.

Award of Journalistic Magnificence edit

See also Collective Coverage Award.

The Award of Journalistic Magnificence is given to writers who complete a substantive body of work or series of articles, primarily focused on matters of national and/or political significance for any given nation.

Exceptional Newcomer Award edit

The Exceptional Newcomer Award may be awarded to newcomers who display exceptional enthusiasm, skill, and boldness beyond their experience.

Copyeditor's Award edit

The Copyeditor's Barnstar is awarded to those who have spent significant amounts of time contributing to Wikinews articles not by writing, but instead by engaging in a critically important activity: copyediting. Congratulations!

Print Edition Barnstar edit

The Print Edition Barnstar may be awarded to those who have excelled in their contributions to the Print edition of Wikinews.

Bawolff's Card edit



Notice of Appreciation

Thank you for all your hard work

To express your appreciation to someone — {{user:Bawolff/card}} first argument is message, second is notice of appriciation title, width= is the maximum percentage of the page the card can take up. (deafult 35). both are optional, but first is recommended. width is unrecommended unless you have a good reason.. (for example{{user:Bawolff/card|Thankyou for all the barnstars}} or {{user:Bawolff/card|Liked your article|great work|width=50}}.

Collective Coverage Award edit

See also Award of Journalistic Magnificence.

The Collective Coverage Award is given for a collection of articles that together cover a story really well.

Lesser but still important awards edit

  The Order of the Humble Pencil

For completing 5 edits.

Great work! Keep it up!(put in signature foo)