Skins are different ways of looking at Wikinews. To use skins you have to be logged in. To change skins, go to special:preferences and click on skin.

In addition to the skins listed there, there is also some sub/minnor skins. (css modifications of other skin) skins that are slightly different from the main skin, but are heavily based on it. This is particularly true to monobook. (Note some of these skins may not work in all browsers).

See Help:User style for an in-depth look at this feature.

You can also test some of them as an alternate stylesheet in some browsers — Currently Opera and Firefox. (In Firefox: View→Page Style→Selection, In Opera View→Style→Author modeSelection at bottom


  • Monobook - default skin
  • Cologne Blue

(more coming- I'm just trying to finish up the important stuff, before minor details.

  • Modern
    • DynamicMenus Add @import "/w/index.php?title=Wikinews%3ASkins%2FDynamicMenu.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css"; to top of special:mypage/modern.css

Use minnor skin


For monobook


Replace user:user/monobook.css with user:<your-username>/monobook.css. For example, if you're foo, it would be user:foo/monobook.css. May be case sensitive (unsure, so just type it all lowercase).

This only works if you havn't edited your css file yet. If you have, manually C&P from Wikinews:skins/Monobook-minnor.

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