Wikinews:Questions for interview with Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz of Heaven Sent Gaming

This is a page for the Wikinews community to contribute questions for an interview with Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz of Heaven Sent Gaming, a web entertainment publisher.


  • Building list of questions for the founders of Heaven Sent Gaming.
  • After e-mailing Heaven Sent Gaming they have agreed to the interview.
  • I will send to questions to them on Saturday, August 30, so be sure to get your questions in.
  • The questions have been sent.


  • They were the subject of an unsolicited book, titled Internet Legends - Heaven Sent Gaming by Shizuka Shigimori.


I will be adding my typical critical angel investment questions, these will be of use to business people. Perhaps some questions related to arts and entertainment would be proper. Even fan questions would be interesting. I don't have any experience in the arts, entertainment, or fan fields though. Gownirony (talk) 11:43, 25 August 2014 (UTC)

Contacts within various media outlets have informed me how to carry our arts and entertainment interviews, and I will be adding the questions they suggested to me. Gownirony (talk) 16:44, 26 August 2014 (UTC)

Some questions were contributed by several of my contacts within the press. They wish to remain anonymous, but their usual contributions are for The Huffington Post, Interview, and The Rolling Stone.

General questionsEdit

  • What is Heaven Sent Gaming?
  • How did you two meet?
  • Who else is involved in this project?
  • What is your purpose behind this venture?
  • How do professionals gauge your market?
  • How much money does this generate?
  • What major hurdles have you overcome related to Heaven Sent Gaming, or life in general?
  • Is there freedom in who publishing your own work, or do you find it more difficult?


  • What does your family do?
  • Which creative individuals do you admire?
  • Which entrepreneurs do you admire?
  • Why should individuals spend time ingesting your content?


  • As demonstrated in your logo, you publicly adhere to Christianity, are you afraid of alienating your audience?
  • How important is being a Christian to your projects, and how does it affect your team?
  • Why is it important for Christianity to be prominent in your work?

Media questionsEdit


  • What caused you to start creating web comics?
  • What inspired each of your individual series?
  • Do you have a set plan for where these comics are going?


  • What has your experience been in the game industry?
  • Why did you include "Gaming" in your name?


  • What is your favorite aspect of music production?
  • What is your musical background?


  • Do you have formal training in writing?
  • Do you publish directly, or is there an editing process involved?


  • Who's involved in the video process?
  • Its publicly known that you had your Google AdSense account on YouTube shut down, how did that affect your video aspirations?
  • Is the creative process for web video creation impacted by external influences outside the company?


  • The two projects listed as "web" on your website, are a gaming news site and a Bible translation, are two broadly different creative endeavors. Why are they grouped in the same media format on your site? And, isn't your site, itself, a "web" project?
  • What separates Heaven Sent Gaming's game news project, aywv, from IGN?
  • What's your theological background, and why did you want to create a Bible translation?

Closing questionsEdit

  • What are your thoughts on the book that was written about you? And, how accurate is it?
  • According to the Bitcoin wiki, you are considered a proponent of Bitcoin. If that's true, how important is decentralization to you?
  • Being headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, isn't exactly conducive to your field. Wouldn't it be more convenient to be located in Los Angeles, California, or even the relatively nearby Austin, Texas?
  • Thank you for answering the questions, and I wish you luck on your future endeavors.