Polls are used by wiki communities to debate contentious issues and ultimately reach a decision democratically.

Each poll may have its own requirements for voting, often being registered for a certain time or having a minimum number of edits. All polls require logged-in users. Please read individual polls before voting.

Please discuss your polls in a non-voting fashion before polling as both polls and Voting is evil. (Or better yet make a decision not using polls)

Open polls edit

Closed polls edit

  • Crossword poll
    Should Wikinews allow crosswords or other similar games?
  • Dateline Poll
    Should we make it a requirement for successful peer review that an article have a standardised date in the title?
  • English spelling poll
    For preferred spelling, should we use British, American or a combination of both?
    RESULT: No clear consensus: Use either with consideration of both original writer and location of story, as appropriate
  1. American English: 0
  2. British English: 1
  3. Either - First Writer (decides) theory: 7
  4. Either - Appropriate to the locality of story: 10
  • Capitalization poll
    Should page titles be capitalized? (Upstyle: "US President Bush Visits China For Trade Agreement" vs. Downstyle: "US President Bush visits China for trade agreement")?
    RESULT: No clear consensus: Downstyle is generally preferred
  1. Wikinews article file names: Upstyle: 11 Downstyle: 48
  2. Cited headlines in articles: Upstyle: 6 Downstyle: 40
  3. Wikinews articles listed on Wikinews directory pages (ex: links from Main Page): Upstyle: 21 Downstyle: 26
  • Opinion articles poll
    Should Wikinews allow the "publishing" of non-neutral point-of-view articles attributed to a single author?
    RESULT: No clear consensus. (Combined YES votes: 11 Combined NO votes:10 DELAY votes: 8)
  • Main Page poll
    What should the function of the Main Page be and what should it include?
    RESULTS: No clear consensus.

Individual articles edit