Note: This information is presented for historical purposes only; the hotline is no longer maintained at these numbers

The Wikinews Hotline is a set of telephone numbers that allows people to communicate with Wikinews without the use of a computer.

The current purpose of the Wikinews Hotline is to receive news submissions from callers, and to receive accreditation requests for credentialed Wikinews users.

The Hotline is currently accessible at:

  • +1-866-653-4265 (toll-free; in the U.S. only)
  • +1-202-742-5918 (outside the U.S.)

Any call to the hotline is answered by our voicemail system. Any news submissions left on the system gets routed as audio (.WAV) attachment files to a public mailing list, wikinews-hotline. Any accreditation check requests get routed to the wikinews-accreditation mailing list, currently accessible to any Wikinews administrator on request. Those users interested in wikifying the news submitted via this system (or processing accreditation requests) simply listen to the attached files and take action here on Wikinews.

Please note: by calling the hotline, you agree to release your recorded voice and any derivative works into the public domain.

This hotline is experimental as of 06:23, July 14, 2005 (UTC). A recording of the greeting can be downloaded in ogg vorbis format.

The content of the outgoing greeting messages is established collaboratively. Please see the hotline collaboration page for more info on recorded content, and for more information on the hotline's administration.

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