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This page tests processing of special parameters by the parameter-passing mechanism and by {{dialog/init}}. Various parameters are passed by the button and then modified by means of {{dialog/init}}; for each parameter, the incoming value and the value set by {{dialog/init}} are shown separately, along with their expected values. Each parameter p is passed value "incoming p" and then set via {{dialog/init}} to "localized p"; observations deviate from this pattern according to handling of reserved and local parameters.

A second table toward the bottom of the page exercises {{dialog/collapsible}}, {{dialog/notes}}, {{dialog/incoming untouched}}, and {{dialog/incoming localized}}.

action=do&label=test&verb:button-local-field-verb&page:button-local-field-page&subject:button-local-field-subject&SUBJECT:button-local-field-SUBJECT&FOO:button-local-field-FOO&Foo:button-local-field-Foo&foo:button-local-field-foo&123:button-local-field-123&local-foo:button-local-field-local-foo&cols=&rows=&viewxcols=&rows=&Wikinews:Dialog/do/test/special parameter processingxWikinews:Dialog/do/test/special parameter processingcols=&rows=&incoming subjectxcols=&rows=&incoming SUBJECTxcols=&rows=&incoming FOOxcols=&rows=&incoming Fooxcols=&rows=&incoming fooxcols=&rows=&incoming 123xcols=&rows=&incoming local-foox

parameter incoming localized
subject expected: incoming subject expected: localized subject
observed: {{{subject}}} observed: size=&x
FOO expected: uninitialized expected: blank
observed: {{{FOO}}} observed: size=&x
Foo expected: incoming Foo expected: localized Foo
observed: {{{Foo}}} observed: size=&x
foo expected: incoming foo expected: localized foo
observed: {{{foo}}} observed: size=&x
123 expected: incoming 123 expected: localized 123
observed: {{{123}}} observed: size=&x
local-foo expected: uninitialized expected: localized local-foo
observed: {{{local-foo}}} observed: size=&x
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