Wikinews:Broadcast/Microphone flag

Wikinews microphone flag design, for reporting in the field.
Building the microphone flag.

Here is a super-cheap way to add a professional touch to your microphone when you are reporting out in the field. They're called "mic flags" in the broadcast industry.

If a few more contributors volunteer to shoot video out in the field, I will purchase a ten-pack of a sturdier plastic design, and I will be happy to send one out on request, to video reporters who want to collaborate on the broadcast.

The photo paper design shown above is easily crushed if you aren't careful. :)

To facilitate using sturdier professional mic flags, I propose that we standardize on the popular Shure SM58 dynamic mic. It's a quality workhorse and it's only about US$99. All of the mic flag manufacturers I am aware of only offer models that are sized for a particular mic.

If someone can find a mic flag that is offered in a model with a soft foam center that would permit different sizes of microphones, please let me know. — DV 11:24, 16 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Yes - we buy ours from LogoMike ( They have acoustic foam inserts and the prices are very economical Jerry at CBC

Thats cool, someone saw this :). Unfortunately no one is really doing this at the moment, but thanks for the suggestion. Bawolff 01:25, 6 June 2007 (UTC)

There is a manufacturer that make mic flags with a soft foam center that permit different sizes of microphones There is a company that makes exclusive mic flags for TV channels, radio stations, advertising companies, and that microphone flags fits different sizes of microphones. Here are examples of their works: