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Preparation edit


James Pain (talk) is currently recording or editing an audio version of this article.
See Spoken Wikinews for further information
This notice was placed at 00:00 UTC June 21 2009. If a significant amount of time has passed,
please check with James Pain (talk) to see if he or she is still working before removing this message.

{{Template:Spoken Wikinews In Progress|~~~|~~~~~}}

Script edit

This is a spoken Wikinews article from, the free news source. Recorded by Real Name.

Title of article. Day and Date of article (e.g. Monday July 20th 2009).

Text of article, read verbatim and in its entirety.

This recording was made on Current Date at Current time in UTC UTC and has been released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

Uploading edit

Commons Upload form
Click basic upload form

{{Audio upload
|title=Article Name
|accent=English, East Anglia

Publishing edit

{{Audio box 2|filename=EN-Article_Name.ogg|text=Listen to this article|date=2009-06-21}}

Remove Spoken Wikinews in progress. You many also use {{Audio box}} if for any reason {{Audio box 2}} doesn't work in an article for formatting reasons.

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