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Pope storyEdit

I see your preparing to write the Pope dies story. I have the story already created at User:CGorman/Sandbox - when the Vatican or BBC/Reuters announce he is actually dead please insert the date & time and publish - we will be the 1st news group to break this story (besides our source)! → CGorman (Talk) 22:35, 1 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Yeah I say your story a few minutes ago. I've put notices on about 12 user talk pages linking to my story (like I did on your talk page). So since everybody will be looking at my Sandbox for the story when the announcement breaks, your better off merging your content into my sandbox than going it alone. Hard luck, must have taken you quite a while to write. → CGorman (Talk) 23:04, 1 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Wikinews:Story preparationEdit

Seeing how well preparations have gone for the Pope story, i've created Wikinews:Story preparation. Instead of users preparing stories on their own computers and saving them on their own hard drives, they can place them here to allow other writers to add to them before the event. This will help eliminate duel coverage of the same story - Teeks99 had spent some time yesterday evening writing a Pope story - but did'nt load it onto wikinews resulting in his version being made redundent. Hopefully by allowing users to collaborate on a story from an earlier date, our article quality will be dramatically improved. → CGorman (Talk) 15:13, 2 Apr 2005 (UTC)


This message is being given to several people, so please forgive the formality.

I've created a list of categories that must be included in ALL articles to ensure the DPL system works correctly. Adding the revlevent categories from this list will ensure complete site-wide relevent article listing. It is located at User:CGorman/Categories and you can easily cut & paste out of it. I urge frequent writers to bookmark this page to help save themselves time with categorization. Thanks for your attention. → CGorman (Talk) 19:40, 15 Apr 2005 (UTC)