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5 dead in Chicago-area store shootingEdit

I noticed you added new content to the article, 5 dead in Chicago-area store shooting, which is more than 24 hours old. Thanks for taking an active role in improving the content on this site. People like you who take an active role make Wikinews better for all of us — readers and writers alike.

One thing to note, though, is that Wikinews articles are not works in progress. Articles are considered historical documents reflecting the knowledge and understanding of the event at the time of publishing. Once published for more than a day or so, they should not be continually updated or modified, except to fix minor style issues (eg. spelling mistakes).

To report on new developments in an ongoing story, you can create a new article instead of just adding content to an already published, out of date article. That way your work will be seen by more people since readers tend not to revisit old news articles looking for updates.

If a published article contains a factual error, please bring it to our attention at WN:ALERT, so that a {{Correction}} notice can be added to the article, which is otherwise left unchanged.

Again, thanks for helping improve this site.FellowWiki Newsie 03:51, 4 February 2008 (UTC)

I certainly am new to editing news articles, and I understand now some of the distinctions between editing them and editing encyclopedia articles [from what you've mentioned]. I thought the article in the Guardian was informative, and that the fact that we have not seen this unusual information elsewhere (about the suspect being known to police) is potentially relevant to the current news. The Guardian has not seen fit to remove the information, so why not? Isn't wikinews interested it providing potentially more informative coverage than the "me-too" news outlets? Maybe we should vet this info about the shooter's being known; after all, the Guardian is a highly respected news organization. --WikiPaull P.S.: Also, do we need a blurb/box for Obama's comment, since his comment is already in the article? I see that news articles apparently are 'set in stone' after about 36 hours. I'll start a new article if its warranted from new info. Sorry about any annoying reversions. Thanks, WikiPaull

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