This is (obviously) my to do list for Audio Wikinews. As you can see, there is a lot to do, but this list has grown much smaller over the time I've been tending to AW. At my current work rate, I may have all this done by January 2011, which considering, isn't too bad, but I know I could be doing more to promote the show and that's an even longer process of making sure I'm keeping up on my posting to various blogs and forums as well as reddit and my twitter feed and my blog.

Action Item ListEdit

  1. Update template for individual story uploads so as not to interfere with full AW show upload and category process on the commons
  2. Script Guide ToDo (1) Building the promo (how many stories, what order, how to word them correctly and why) (2) Ordering the script (lede, follow ups, etc) (3 How to combine similar stories and adding stories from a previous day (4) add portion about mission statement and what that means.
  3. Continue writing production tips section on using VLC for stripping media and how to incorporate mono tracks into Audacity.
  4. Move the upload elements on the briefs page under the sample script. This should be kept to provide an explanation as to what this code means. (this will be done once the pages are re-organized)
  5. Add links to free A/V resources
  6. Write a quick checklist for weekly and monthly maintenance (schedule, archiving worspace and updating this link to send producers to correct monthly archive when uploading new shows (I can just copy the code here from this page))
  7. Determine if I can make play lists on Internet Archive for wikinews uploads (I almost don't care about this but only because it will be a lot of work since I still need to add all the keywords and into text to all previous files (April & May). The only benefit here is for search engines and higher visibility on the net - which is a good thing and probably worth spending an entire weekend doing. Perhaps multiple playlists by week and or month (or both?) - I really don't need this to be a priority since it's really just busy work.
  8. Maybe get back on reddit and see if I can drum up interest for a female speaker for the Quote of the Day. I really want a female voice for this because it should be the very first thing heard (even before the crappy intro music) and it needs to be awesome. A male voice just does not work for this - something about a female voice just works so much better. Anyway, this is part of my wanting to integrate more of all the wiki's resources into the show (including possibly adding the picture of the day as the meta artwork to each mp3 file for iTunes).
  9. Add a personal page listing the history shows (maybe someday far, far in the future, I'll edit up the TDiH segments, re-record the necessary pieces and create a page and set of files strictly for TDiH. That would be cool, especially for wikipedia portability, however, I shudder to think about the time involved in doing it.
  10. Add a personal external links page (for audio and effects) so I can keep them all straight and remember where I got them from
  11. Update my blog with full transcript of TDiH (with time code) as well as commons images. This is mainly for my own referral however, I do get a fair amount of traffic there since most people like using the posterous player better than the .ogg player here. Does the .ogg player not work as well? I should look into that too.
  12. Promotion checklist of places I "promote" at? FFS, I need a promoter lol
  13. Go to bed

AW Site MapEdit

This is here just to help me remember where things are and to give me a visual idea of how the site is built so that I don't start making things to complicated as I jump from item to item.

Layout For Audio Wikinews Pages

Audio Wikinews

News Briefs
Workspace (contains schedule on main page; talk page is for the work)
Archives (archives of all previous workspace talk)
Team (team responsibilities and how to join information)
The Show (all about making the show)
Templates (script, header, footer, A/V files, commons)
Style Guide (still need to write structure style guide (order of show, how to write a promo, remembering the entertain the audience), also add list of "extras" as well as how to put a script together including examples of preparing and editing articles. Recheck this page to refer to script page)
Production Guide (how-to make a show with visual guides)
Script Writing (How to put a script together, editing decisions, dramatic tension, "teasing", narrative flow)
Releases (this is all things audio, Briefs and Spoken Articles)
News Briefs (current year)
News Briefs Archive (every show ever done - includes link to all commons files)

  • (if there was a way to add a link to the time stamp on the News Brief .ogg file, then we could just add that to the article and we would not need a spoken wikinews section. Also, the spoken project is not something I am interested in taking over as the AW is a full time job for me, so if someone else wants to do this (as had James Pain), then that would be really cool, but keep in mind, it might also be redundant since the AW:NB already reads nearly the entire text of the article with only style and minor content edits made to each.)
  • However, this project is still useful, especially for the visually impaired who do not want to sit an entire News Briefs show. I would like to see someone rejuvenate this project (someone who will still follow the basic quality guidelines I've laid out for AW:NB). I need to get with Brian about the vision impaired site and see what's up with them.
Spoken Wikinews (Is there not a main page for this project?)
Spoken Wikinews (current spoken articles.)
Spoken Wikinews Archive (every article ever spoken and no, I'm not cleaning up that page)

Daily Show HousekeepingEdit

This is the list of the things I have to do once a show is completed in Audacity, converted to .ogg, converted to .mp3, ID3 tagged, uploaded to The Internet Archive, uploaded to Posterous and uploaded to PodBean. Ugh, this whole part can take over 1/2 an hour everyday too - especially when adding timecodes to the script, key wording the Internet Archive meta data, saving the PodBeah HTML twice because WordPress is bollocks and drops all HTML formatting on an initial file save and just generally waiting around as the files to convert twice (once for .ogg and once for .mp3) and upload 4 times (commons, internet archive, posterous and podbean).

  1. Upload the Current Show
  2. Update the Main Page Media Menu template
  3. Update the Audio Wikinews header
  4. Update the News Briefs Home page
  5. Update the current August 2010 archive