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Articles by me

  1. Lightning strikes kill three in Mumbai
  2. Leader of Indian BJP party visits Navi Mumbai to support candidates for general election
  3. Son of Indian hospital CEO commits suicide by jumping out of window
  4. Insurgent attack in South Thailand injures 24
  5. Indian Human Resources minister to reform technology sector
  6. Suicide bomb blast hits air force base in Pakistan
  7. US president Obama honors soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  8. Indian Air Force chopper crashes in Jammu and Kashmir
  9. Islamist militants blow up a girls' school in Pakistan
  10. Scientists: Snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro to melt in twenty years
  11. Seventeen year old accused of raping four year old in Kherwadi, Mumbai
  12. 22 killed after bus falls into gorge in northern India
  13. Actress Patricia Neal dies aged 84
  14. 1 killed and 9 injured in a militants attack in Jammu and Kashmir
  15. Curfew imposed in Jammu and Kashmir, three injured and four killed
  16. Ramadan begins today in India
  17. 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Mariana Islands
  18. Iran to launch its first nuclear power plant
  19. Manmohan Singh becomes the third longest serving Prime Minister of India
  20. US warns Pakistan to stop press intimidation
  21. Former first lady of India Janaki Venkataraman dies at 89
  22. 21 people killed and 113 reported injured in three blasts in Mumbai
  23. Dozens killed, injured after blast hits Shias in Punjab, Pakistan
  24. Russian spacecraft Phobos-Grunt falls in Pacific Ocean
  25. India and China to develop friendly relations
  26. Salman Rushdie may not attend Literature Festival following widespread protests
  27. Myanmar's pro-democracy leader Suu Kyi to contest in by-election
  28. Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes New Zealand, no damage reported
  29. Gujarat high court refutes Modi's objection to Lokyukta's appointment
  30. China to run low-cost maglevs by next year
  31. Indian MP demands arrest of writers reading banned novel at literature festival
  32. Russia leases submarine K-152 Nerpa to India for ten years

Articles I developed

  1. Strong earthquake hits northern Pakistan
  2. Canadian folk singer attacked and killed by coyotes in Nova Scotia
  3. Man arrested after fatal accident in Londonderry, Northern Ireland
  4. Blast near Pakistan army headquarters kills 24
  5. Afghan policeman shoots and kills five British soldiers

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Hi! this is Srinivas. I am mainly active on en.wiki. I mainly create news articles here. I am quite new to Wikinews, so please do help me out! I love new messages. Please smile at me with {{smile}}. To see the articles I have contributed to, visit Srinivas' Contribs.

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  • Go through all the policies and guidelines pages.
  • Create one lead 1 breaking news article.
  • Request for editor. I have decided not to request for editor anymore.

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