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What inquest verdict returned: natural causes
Who inquest, coroner's jury (returned) ; Charles Baskerville (died)
Where Devon County ; Baskerville Hall
When yesterday/Friday/June 14 (returned) ; night of June 4, discovered around midnight (died)
Why recent ill health (why he died) ; philanthropy (why the verdict is significant)
How heart failure (how he died)

[The date of the verdict was not explicit in the first source, but was in the second. The first sentence covers both whats, most whos, first where, first when. Second sentence covers most of second when. The second why is needed to explain the significance; it's already mentioned in the headline; so the third sentence addresses it, though it requires far more words than any other question addressed by the lede, and needs some attribution. Looking back over the table, a few points still aren't covered: involvement of a jury, discovery around midnight, recent ill health, heart failure. These were deemed details that don't need to be in the lede.]

Key pointsEdit