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Hey everyone! I'm Marx01. I'm pretty much retired, but might check up every now and again.


  1. Write my first article. Done
  2. Have an article published. Done
  3. Write three articles. Done
  4. Have three articles published. Done
  5. Write ten articles.
  6. Achieve 100 edits. Done
  7. Memorize the {{source}} peripherals.

Fruit of My LaborEdit

Articles which I have written.

Date Created Title Status Notes
16 October 2009 IBEX sattelite releases first all sky map Published First article
19 October 2009 Maryland scientist accused of spying for Israel Published Interesting story
21 October 2009 Hopes for treaty on climate begin to wither Published Skimming through the newspaper and saw it.
25 October 2009 Pakistani army seizes Taliban stronghold after week-long battle Published Saw an article on it and thought it was good material. Did not come out like it should have though.
31 October 2009 Erosion influences Nigerian climate policy Published
1 November 2009 Suspected Iraqi bomber murders investigator Published Interested me.