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Please note that these are my opinions, and that they may conflict with yours. If you believe you will get offended by my opinions, please leave this page now.

Please note that this page is possibly outdated, and therefore the opinions on this page may not always reflect on the user.

Opinions and Beliefs pagesEdit

  • I believe that Wikinewsies are always free to express their opinions and beliefs on a separate page, if they want to.

Wikimedia FoundationEdit

  • The Wikimedia Foundation is for educational purposes and for that I am all for it. If you have a problem with Jimbo or any WMF projects, you have a problem with me.


  • Wikinews is a great website. We are a milestone in citizen journalism and I am very proud of us.


  • Everyone has a choice about what religion to believe in except for cults. I myself believe in the Catholic faith. I continue, and will, respect other religions for what they are. But I am for a fact against all cults.

American centric newsEdit

  • Wikinews should try its best to not be American centric, as I see complaints about this a lot. We are after all an international website, and we should stay that way.


  • Everyone should have their right to privacy.

Homosexual relationshipsEdit

  • God created a man and a woman. However, I am not against homosexual relationships.

Homosexuality and marriageEdit

  • I do not believe that homosexual partners should be granted the right to marriage.