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User:Natterer is very active behind the scenes on Wikinews and follows most Wikimedia projects. Natterer is a reasonable and thoughtful wikimedian, and will surely interpret Wikinews policies fairly and accurately. Natterer will surely be no respecter of person or position as he natters to Administrators and Editors. I would like to nominate xem for the Arbitration Committee. Test


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This is a test message in a quote box. It should be cool.

Chiacomo (talk) 03:52, 11 April 2006 (UTC)

I like handy quote boxes. I'm glad they're here.
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Articles to which I've been a major contributor or initiator


Incomplete, perhaps, but I don't care and am not counting, really.

  1. Deer and other animals found dead at Ball State University
  2. Tennessee town mulls 'stop work order' as construction of controversial grain tanks begins
  3. Both sides of Kenya's constitution dispute are negotiating
  4. Scissors, screwdrivers accepted on US flights beginning December 22
  5. Muslim youth to guard Christian churches in Indonesia
  6. Major explosions at UK oil depot
  7. No reprieve for Stanley Williams, Crips street gang founder
  8. Israeli PM Sharon suffers 'mild stroke'
  9. Striking NYC transit workers will return to jobs
  10. Actor Vincent Schiavelli dies in Sicily at age 57
  11. France imposes emergency laws in response to riots
  12. Man charged in £26.5m robbery
  13. Farmers hunt for missing bull semen
  14. Rosa Parks dies at 92
  15. U.S. force-feeding Guantanamo hunger strikers
  16. Bush nominates Harriet Ellan Miers for U.S. Supreme Court
  17. NYPD shuts down anti-war speech due to absence of permit
  18. New Orleans DirectNIC Offices, 'Outpost Crystal' visited by 82nd Airborne
  19. Mandatory evacuation declared in New Orleans, US
  20. Draft constitution pushed into Iraqi parliament
  21. ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies at 67
  22. Albanian girl murdered in tangle of crime
  23. Mysterious disease kills 31 in China's Sichuan province
  24. Deadly forest fire in Spain claims lives of firefighters
  25. Sir Edward Heath, former British PM, dies at 89
  26. Man charged in vehicle death of Michigan woman
  27. Three killed in Tennessee vehicle crash
  28. United States Supreme Court Justice O'Connor to retire
  29. Rwandan businessmen sentenced for War Crimes
  30. Shelby Foote, 88, noted historian and author, dies
  31. Wal-Mart heir John Walton killed in plane crash
  32. Paul Winchell, voice of Tigger, Gargamel, dead at 82
  33. Elections held in Bulgaria
  34. Mlambo-Ngcuka sworn in as South African deputy president
  35. Killen gets 60 years for civil rights killings
  36. Tennessee Governor signs budget bill
  37. Goodyear blimp crashes in Florida
  38. Missouri Circuit Court Judge Werner Moentmann rules that Planned Parenthood must repay money.

Article disputes I've attempted to resolve


Test --Chiacomo [[User_talk:Chiacomo|(talk)]] 15:15, 15 November 2005 (UTC)

Southwest License

Terms and Conditions for

All images (Images) and/or video provided by Southwest Airlines Co. (Southwest Airlines) to Recipient are provided subject to the following terms and conditions (Agreement) between the parties.

1. Southwest Airlines owns and retains the copyrights in the Images/videos. No copyright license (either express or implied) is granted to Recipient, except that Recipient is authorized to reproduce Images/videos without alteration for non-promotional or editorial purposes only.

2. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES and any other Southwest Airlines trademarks are owned by Southwest Airlines Co., and no trademark or service mark license (either express or implied) is granted to Recipient.

3. The Images/videos are provided to Recipient "As Is." All implied warranties are hereby disclaimed, including, without limitation, the warranties of title, infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.

4. To the extent that Images/videos include any

    a. copyright, trade name, trademark, or service mark owned by a third party, or

    b. likeness of or reference to a third party, Recipient is responsible for obtaining appropriate permissions and licenses from such third party.

5. This Limited License Agreement

    a. will be governed by the law of the state of Texas, without regard for Texas’ choice of law rules;

    b. constitutes the entire agreement, and supersedes any and all other agreements, understandings, and communications between the parties related to images; and

    c. may only be amended or otherwise modified by a written instrument executed by an authorized representative of Southwest Airlines.

Draft resolution


WHEREAS members of our community are serving and have served in all branches of our military.

Is this statement really necessary? If it is not, as it is restated in the one directly below, remove it.

WHEREAS, Our friends and neighbors have answered the call to arms. For the sake of freedom in foreign lands they have fought with the honor and valor that makes our nation proud. Two new democracies have been created where voices once went unheard.

If spoken aloud, give a good sized pause after the word WHEREAS. Remove new democracies statement if it goes against the community's current view.

WHEREAS They deserve our praise and have been a source of great pride to our community. Their good acts must not go unnoticed.

THEREEFORE BE IT RESOLVED by this body to proclaim 15th day of January, the year of our Lord 2005 to be proclaimed "Iraqi War Veteran's Day" throughout the provinces of our city.

THE PUBLIC WELFARE REQUIRING IT SO, this resolution is adopted this 9th day of January, 2005.

Edited for Chiacomo, --Sfullenwider 05:38, 19 December 2005 (UTC)

our soldiers, our friends, our family, have been the honorable leaders that have been the foundation of this nation since it's birth

They are the people their parents hoped they would be and we hope our children become.