The following are my opinions and beliefs. Keep in mind that these are in no way associated with the views held by Wikinews or the Wikimedia Foundation, and I, Nathan Carter, take full credit and responsibility for what is posted here.

I stole this idea from Mrmiscellanious who stole it from NGerda (who probably stole it from someone else :P). For editors to be able to write WN:NPOV articles, it is important for us to state our beliefs and opinions in an open manner.


I have no idea which religion I follow. I believe in god and karma and not much of anything else. I used to be christian, however I am no longer.

Freedom of Religion

In a true democracy, individuals should have the right to follow which ever religion they choose without reprisals.


As with religion, I have yet another strange view on this. I do not agree that abortion should be allowed except where the mother has been raped or unless the mother's life is at danger from the pregnancy.


The sale and possession of firearms should be restricted and monitored by the government.

Political views

I consider myself a centrist. I believe that the government should provide universal healthcare, decent infrastructure and support those who can not support themselves. I believe that the government should give equal rights to all individuals. I believe that religion should have no part in politics. I believe that the best way for the government to help its people is to support business, which will in turn create jobs (in particular small business).

At present, I support no single political party in Australia.

Homosexual relationships

I support homosexual relationships. It is the right of the individual to select their partner. If homosexual relationships are wrong - such a large number of decent and honest people would not be involved in them.

Forcing of beliefs

I find it utterly offensive to have others force their beliefs onto me. I find it offensive that members of certain religious groups come to my door and try to convince me that I am wrong about what I believe. I do not wish to see my elected representatives tell me that what they believe is 100% true and that anyone who disagrees is wrong.


I do not believe that people have the right to kill others to intimidate others to get what they want, however I believe that some states have gone too far in the restriction of people's rights in the name of counter-terrorism.

War on Iraq

I did not support the war in Iraq. I believe that those responsible for leading our troops into war based on lies should be held accountable.


I believe every person should have the right to privacy.

Free Information

Information should be free and open to anyone who wants it. People should not be forced to pay for knowledge, nor should the government be able to withhold information other than that which relates to national security.


I believe that every person should be allowed to reach their full potential through education despite their socio-economic background.