Resizable edit boxEdit

Note: this is not really wikinews related.

I happened to stumble upon bugzilla:9370 and thought that that was something i should know how to fix, but wasn't really sure if i knew how to fix it. Anyways, when you edit this page you should be able to resize the edit box with your mouse (drag the left border). This is just an initial attempt (tested only on firefox). Currently it doesn't figure out how to resize it that well, so the resizing is shaky. (as currently it pretends a column and the pixel is the same thing, which it isn't, hence badness occours. I plan to fix this later)

Note: This isn't all that useful, because in modern browsers, the editbox is already the idea size from the css #wpTextbox1 {width:100%} rule. This is more to prove to myself i can do it.

To test this, just edit this page, and drag the box around by the edge.