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This page provides a framework for displaying and linking user language proficiencies, so users may volunteer to provide translation for Wikinews.

Babel elements


Each Babel user infobox describes the language group and level of proficiency the user has, and a brief description in both the language of the Wikinews edition and language in question.

Languages are grouped according to the ISO 639-1 2-letter code (a list of ISO 639 codes, both 2 and 3 letter, is available.) This may be updated to rfc:3066, which uses both a language code and a country code.

Proficiencies are added to the language code according to the following list:

1. Basic proficiency. The user is able to understand basic sentences, and answer simple common questions.
2. Intermediate proficiency. The user has a larger vocabulary, and is able to understand more complex communication.
3. Advanced proficiency. The user is able to communicate fluently in the language.
N. Native language. This is the user's primary language, the language of xyr birth and development family and culture.

For example, de-1 refers to a person with basic skills in the German language, and fr-3 indicates a person with advanced proficiency in French.

Above is an example of Babel infobox usage.



Templates are listed below alphabetically by ISO 639 code. To use a Babel infobox on your user page, edit your userpage and add a copy of it by adding {{subst:User:Amgine/Babel/XX-Y}} on your user page where you would like the box to appear (replacing XX with the 2-character language code, and the Y with the level of proficiency), and save. The complete code to create the box will be added to your userpage, and will appear.

Each box includes a link to the appropriate Wikinews:Translators/Language-X page, so people may now locate you for help from that page. If you're especially interested in volunteering to help with translations, add your name to the list on that page.

Multiple languages


Many—even most—users interested in language userboxes speak more than one language, and are interested in volunteering to serve as a language reference in more than just one language. The boxes below may be used with the following standard syntax:

{{subst:User:Amgine/Babel/Box Z|XX-Y...}}

Where Z is the number of languages the user would like to list, and XX-Y is first language/proficiency to be listed. Repeat the vertical pipe and a different XX-Y for each language to be listed. After saving, you will need to go back in and subst: each of the language userboxes as well; an easy substitution.

Box 2
Box 3
Box 4
Box 5
Box 6
Box 7
Box 8

List of Babel infoboxes


English WN


DE German

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/de-1 Wikinews:Translators/de-2 Wikinews:Translators/de-3 Wikinews:Translators/de-N
Infoboxes: de-1 de-2 de-3 de-N

EN English

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/English-1 Wikinews:Translators/English-2 Wikinews:Translators/English-3 Wikinews:Translators/English-N
Infoboxes: en-1 en-2 en-3 en-N

EO Esperanto

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/Esperanto-1 Wikinews:Translators/Esperanto-2 Wikinews:Translators/Esperanto-3 Wikinews:Translators/Esperanto-N
Infoboxes: eo-1 eo-2 eo-3 eo-N

ES Spanish

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/es-1 Wikinews:Translators/es-2 Wikinews:Translators/es-3 Wikinews:Translators/es-N
Infoboxes: es-1 es-2 es-3 es-N

FR French

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/fr-1 Wikinews:Translators/fr-2 Wikinews:Translators/fr-3 Wikinews:Translators/fr-N
Infoboxes: fr-1 fr-2 fr-3 fr-N

FY Western Frisian

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/fy-1 Wikinews:Translators/fy-2 Wikinews:Translators/fy-3 Wikinews:Translators/fy-N
Infoboxes: fy-1 fy-2 fy-3 fy-N

JA Japanese

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/ja-1 Wikinews:Translators/ja-2 Wikinews:Translators/ja-3 Wikinews:Translators/ja-N
Infoboxes: ja-1 ja-2 ja-3 ja-N

LA Latin

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/la-1 Wikinews:Translators/la-2 Wikinews:Translators/la-3 Wikinews:Translators/la-N
Infoboxes: la-1 la-2 la-3 la-N

NB Norwegian Bokmål

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/nb-1 Wikinews:Translators/nb-2 Wikinews:Translators/nb-3 Wikinews:Translators/nb-N
Infoboxes: nb-1 nb-2 nb-3 nb-N

NL Netherlands

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/nl-1 Wikinews:Translators/nl-2 Wikinews:Translators/nl-3 Wikinews:Translators/nl-N
Infoboxes: nl-1 nl-2 nl-3 nl-N

PL Polish

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/pl-1 Wikinews:Translators/pl-2 Wikinews:Translators/pl-3 Wikinews:Translators/pl-N
Infoboxes: pl-1 pl-2 pl-3 pl-N

RO Romanian

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/ro-1 Wikinews:Translators/ro-2 Wikinews:Translators/ro-3 Wikinews:Translators/ro-N
Infoboxes: ro-1 ro-2 ro-3 ro-N

RU Russian

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/ru-1 Wikinews:Translators/ru-2 Wikinews:Translators/ru-3 Wikinews:Translators/ru-N
Infoboxes: ru-1 ru-2 ru-3 ru-N

SV Swedish

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/sv-1 Wikinews:Translators/sv-2 Wikinews:Translators/sv-3 Wikinews:Translators/sv-N
Infoboxes: sv-1 sv-2 sv-3 sv-N

YI Yiddish

Translator pages: Wikinews:Translators/yi-1 Wikinews:Translators/yi-2 Wikinews:Translators/yi-3 Wikinews:Translators/yi-N
Infoboxes: yi-1 yi-2 yi-3 yi-N