United States and North Korea to hold talks in New York

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

According to the United States Department of State, officials for the U.S. government and the North Korean government are going to meet in New York on March 5 to the 6 to discuss "organizational issues and agenda-setting issues," said spokesman for the State Department, Sean McCormack who also added that no agreements are expected to be reached during the meeting.

"It is really a first meeting and first set of discussions. There will be some organizational issues, agenda-setting issues that they will tackle. So do not look at it as a meeting that is going to produce immediate results. Nobody is going come out the front door and wave a piece of paper with some agreement on it. But it is a good-faith act in implementing the agreement that was signed in Beijing, and we look forward to those consultations," said McCormack.

Officials for N. Korea are also going to stop over in San Francisco, California on March 1, where a speech will be given at an unnamed university. The officials will then meet with "non governmental groups" before arriving in New York on March 2.