Two Palestinians die, at least seven others are wounded as Israeli attacks continue

Monday, November 20, 2006

Palestinian rescue workers search for survivors in the rubble of a building destroyed by an Israeli attack in July 2006. Source: © Omar Naaman/Apollo Images/IRIN

An Israeli air strike on a car carrying Hamas militants killed two Palestinians in Gaza City.

The attack also injured approximately eight people, including an elderly passerby. Hospital sources say the septuagenarian later succumbed to his wounds. The other victim was a street vendor. Seven other people, including two Hamas militants and two children were also wounded in the attack.

Witnesses say the strike occurred near a mosque in the city's Zeitoun neighborhood as the prayer concluded and worshipers came out. A spokesman for the Israeli military confirmed the attack, but did not provide any further details.

An Israeli Defence spokesman confirmed that Amir Peretz had called President Mahmoud Abbas, asking the latter to stop fighters from launching rockets into Israel. "During a telephone conversation, Mr Peretz asked Mr Abbas to exercise his authority to put a stop to the rocket fire," the spokesman said.

In Gaza City a spokesman for the ruling party, Hamas said that Israel would not be able to stop Palestinian fighters from firing rockets into its territory.

An Israeli woman was killed when a Qassam rocket hit the town of Sderoth on the 15 of this month. Over 400 Palestinians, including many civilians have been killed by attacks, which Israel says are aimed at halting the rocket fire which has terrorized Southern Israel since Israel disengaged from the Gaza strip. The rockets have wounded or killed hundreds.

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