Thank You. Brilliant reply. You've saved me a long winded rant and done a far better job than I would have.

These are synthetic CB1 Agonists, NOT synthetic 'Marijuana' anymore than epsom salts in a fish tank would be synthetic seawater.

We should remember, as mentioned above, that a small number of freak outs by people using extreme doses of a pure chemical rather than properly diluting first does not justify tossing people in prison. If it really did, Aspirin would carry the death penalty not to mention the main killer drugs of the modern world - alcohol and tobacco.

Just consider, if you've never encountered either drug before and you decide to just try a gallon or two of 180 proof vodka and a half pound of tobacco.. well of course you're going to rush to the ER once you start vomiting uncontrollably. Post a few videos on YouTube of kids overdosing on the drugs and there we go, instant legislation.

I don't drink or smoke, but how many of you who do would agree that your drug of choice should carry a prison term? Now consider that there is no evidence to back up any such ban on the cannabinoids and it is quite easy to see how banning a substance you know NOTHING about is sheer idiocy.. particularly when the proven dangerous drugs are available at any convenience store.


I salute you, Sir. (talk)22:48, 2 April 2012