"seem extraordinarily clueless" - well, that's your impression and I don't think I can change that. I am absolutely not a troll.

"I won't say nobody" - what, excactly, do you think makes me appear stupid? I would like to know, so that I might try to prevent anything like that from happening again.

"Nice touch" - if you had bothered to check, you might have noticed that it was the commenter I replied to that made that "nice touch":

If you really think that a "Final Solution" method is the best way to solve this problem

But why not discuss the subject at hand? Mind you, I am not the subject of this discussion. (talk)23:10, 7 January 2015

This is baffling, an outrageous generalization to the point it's almost comical. What you suggest is the same as having the United States banish all teenagers because of a number of school shootings, which were perpetrated by teenagers.

You can't be this dense. Get a grip. Though if you can seriously ask "Are there any such thing as "innocent Muslims?", you're hopelessly delusional. (talk)15:25, 8 January 2015