Mr. Gombu, lover of Mountains

I had the good fortune of meeting and climbing with Mr. Gombu on Mt. Rainier and upon descending the summit a snow bridge collapsed under me leaving me with a wrenched knee. Nawang walked up, sized up the situation then stomped his foot on the ground and the entire snow bridge disappeared below me (still hanging in the lip of the crevasse). Nawang went down and got a rescue sled from Camp Muir and brought me down off the mountain to Paradise. I stayed on for awhile to recover and Nawang headed back up to camp muir, 2nd trip of the day!!!!!!!!! When he came back down a day later we had dinner then some drinks (he got really funny with a couple under the belt). Nawang was a man with huge muscles/talent/ love and respect for the mountains. I have his business card and a large picture of him and Jim Whittaker and unknown climber on Everest on the first american ascent of everest 1963. I will never forget Nawang, although my time with him was short, it was a memory I won't forget. God bless you Nawang.


              Rich Davies

Professional Mountain Guide SAR, WFR, CERT, Public Speaker

Rich (talk)07:24, 14 December 2012