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Well... I'm not a dickhead redneck, but after studying Islam, watching how Muslims act over someone burning a Qur'an and just studying history I've realized that Islam is not truly a religion. It is more of a system of government. How many Christian Republics are there in the world right now? Okay, now look up how many Islamic Republics there are in the world. If you really think about it, Muhammad's Qur'an is fickle. At least with the Bible it had multiple authors, over an extended period of time, so there was no central author, however with the Qur'an it's a completely different story (No pun intended). One man wrote it, and he said that this book was God's word, word-for-word. This is just strange to me, it seems like he just wanted people to think he spoke with God so that he could have a taste of power. Unfortunately people believed him, the lie spread, and is now a "real" religion. If I'm not mistaken to Qur'an says that God placed mountains on the Earth to hold it in place, but I find two things wrong with this. 1) It supports a flat earth, if the earth needs to be held in place it would have to be laid out on something (I like to imagine something like a world map being laid on a table with knives holding it in place, knives taking the place of mountains), and it's fairly obvious that the world isn't flat 2) If you look at mountains and how they were formed, they weren't placed here, they were pushed up out of the ground. So, I'm done now. I'm sure I'll be called an ignorant asscrack for this, but all that says to me is that people are uneducated themselves and that they're Islamic Sympathizers (most likely). Anywho, try to tear me apart as you will now, prove me wrong, call me horrible names, call me ignorant, do what you must, I just hate that you'll never understand and grasp the fact that you're wrong. (talk)16:33, 26 April 2011