Ummm...isn't this a little biased?

I'm not one to always look for bias, but this article barely mentions how the overwhelming consensus was that Romney crushed Obama, and barely talks about anything that occurred in the debate but Big Bird and Obama's Twitter response (which really has nothing to do with the debate itself). (talk)04:28, 5 October 2012

"Barely mentions"? This article provides documented data, whereas "overwhelming consensus was that Romney crushed Obama" is unsupported opinion.

One might reasonably claim that the paragraph on the poll results would be better placed above the one on Big Bird.

Pi zero (talk)04:42, 5 October 2012

I've gone ahead and done so, pending a second opinion from another reviewer. For the record, all apparent "bias" is unintentional. The "Big Bird" thing seemed to be getting a lot of press and seemed too significant to omit.

Tyrol5 (talk)21:21, 5 October 2012

Hm. Almost as soon as I wrote that, I had doubts; I quickly realized there were reasonable arguments to be made both ways, and it becomes a rather abstract question of ordering. I don't think there's really bias in this article; note the other comment made here, where the commenter thanks us for the only unbiased article about the debate on the internet. Afaics, the Big Bird thing has continued to get a good deal of press, and that in itself says something interesting (and open to the reader's interpretation) about the debate.

Pi zero (talk)21:28, 5 October 2012