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Comments from feedback form - "Only a few facts relating to e..."

Only a few facts relating to either candidate. No where near enough content for me to write a report on. No mention of either candidate's strategies. Biased, but no where near biased enough to complain,(thank you) especially not compared to every single article on the internet pertaining to this topic. This article told me what happened during, around, and as a result to this debate, but told me nothing as to what happened during the debate itself, other than the big bird comments which are too silly for my report. Thank you nonetheless, Wikipedia, for the only unbiased article about the debate on the internet, goodbye, I'm gunna go fail now. (talk)18:57, 5 October 2012

We're not Wikipedia, we're Wikinews — but you're welcome. :-)

Pi zero (talk)19:08, 5 October 2012