Mukburgers rule!

Did Mumbarak REALLY have a heart attack or was the idea of going to jail for his Criminal Dictatorship a little to scary for him to deal with ?. It sounds a little fishy and too convenyent if you ask me , skipping out to Germany would surely get him off the hook, I don't think people should suffer and it seems SAD to me that the hospital they took him to, had to close its doors to regular people and only admit emergencies because this man is there , strange how we have to protect the people who have treated there own people so poorly . I have a friend in Egypt and she has talked to me through the revolution and it has been VERY difficult for her and her family and I don't think they would close a Hospital for her or anyone in her family for any reason...equality for ALL ..peace

Uncle Unta (talk)11:01, 13 April 2011