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I do agree about the independent versions of Scientology. I mean, why bother? Once you see that the Church of Scientology is a scam, once you see that Hubbard was a bullshit artist, why bother with the rest of the beliefs? The Church may be depraved, but Scientology is idiotic as a belief system too.

The idea that all our traumatic experiences are engrams caused by foetal trauma, attempted abortions and the like is schlock psychotherapy. E-meters are bullshit pseudo-science. There's no evidence that e-meters work, or that thetans exist, or that Scientologists can do any of their supernatural magic, or that Scientology can treat mental health issues. Hubbard was a racist and homophobic buffoon.

Scientology's doctrines don't need to be "saved" from the Church; the world needs freedom from both the Church and the idiotic, unscientific and discriminatory bullshit it believes.

Tom Morris (talk)13:12, 21 October 2012

Yes, but at least Independent Scientologists are a little bit more free to research those controversies, on their own, with a little less fear of repercussions from doing so.

-- Cirt (talk)23:53, 21 October 2012