Comments from feedback form - "There are many others (ex SO) ..."

Comments from feedback form - "There are many others (ex SO) ..."

There are many others (ex SO) that can substantiate first hand, but there is likely no one more qualified than Marty Rathbun to answer these questions. He lived and breathed it from the bottom up within and was finally able to step back enough to really see what was going on. Ronn S. (talk)19:08, 19 October 2012

Hey, thanks very much for your comment!

-- Cirt (talk)19:43, 19 October 2012

Mark Rathbun was # 2 in charge of the destruction of Scientology. Meaning, he was # 2 criminal. His opinions about the future of Scientology are as skewed as his history with the organization - twisted, bent and always angled. You'll notice he is anxious to promote his # 2 status when it comes to selling his book, but always deflects responsibility for crimes committed in that capacity onto David Miscavige. (see Youtube recent admission of ordering the destruction of documents in the death of Lisa McPherson)

Where else would you find former executives, guilty of fraud, obstruction of justice, assault, blatant lies and a host of other violations against the core tenets of their organization not to mention human decency, emerge to promote themselves as leaders of an "independent" version of the subject or organization? Only in Scientology today apparently.

The majority of Scientologists (90% worldwide) do not support or respect Mark Rathbun. He is one of many criminals and cowards who were too weak to stand up to Miscavige and were themselves too corrupt to do so when they had the chance. (talk)01:32, 20 October 2012

Very interesting analysis, for more on this type of viewpoint, please read articles "cognitive dissonance", "disconfirmed expectancy", and "confirmation bias". That sheds a lot of light on what's at work here.

-- Cirt (talk)02:56, 20 October 2012

I do agree about the independent versions of Scientology. I mean, why bother? Once you see that the Church of Scientology is a scam, once you see that Hubbard was a bullshit artist, why bother with the rest of the beliefs? The Church may be depraved, but Scientology is idiotic as a belief system too.

The idea that all our traumatic experiences are engrams caused by foetal trauma, attempted abortions and the like is schlock psychotherapy. E-meters are bullshit pseudo-science. There's no evidence that e-meters work, or that thetans exist, or that Scientologists can do any of their supernatural magic, or that Scientology can treat mental health issues. Hubbard was a racist and homophobic buffoon.

Scientology's doctrines don't need to be "saved" from the Church; the world needs freedom from both the Church and the idiotic, unscientific and discriminatory bullshit it believes.

Tom Morris (talk)13:12, 21 October 2012

Yes, but at least Independent Scientologists are a little bit more free to research those controversies, on their own, with a little less fear of repercussions from doing so.

-- Cirt (talk)23:53, 21 October 2012