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joe vs hilary and the moral wounds of an extended campaign in 08

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No one can deny the depth of ego damage that the extended 08 democratic primary campaign did to the ability to heal prior to the general election. The solution to heal was also an important building block to allow both candidates to operate in the executive, leading the world in foreign politics and advance independant credit for an unstoppable ticket, if need be, by bringing Hilary off the bench to hit harder on a centrist republican campaign to take back the white house. True joe does nothing for Obama other than to act as a johnson check on kennedy should things get too wild or too prosperous for "undesirables?" A ticket in 08 with Hilary would have been like inviting along Bill and strings to pull an orchestrated "dick Cheny" reigning in of former 1st executive control through other than ordinary party politics and due too his continued bungling of democratic morals and morale "tricky dick" should never be on stage during a first run at the Whitehouse for an aspiring young politician with with as yet untarnished credentials on larger policy decisions or headroom. But a decision too falsely build up a sense of protection around joe; would be like inviting joe too stick around where he could be matched up against Giuliani or a Buddy Roemer who would create a more solid centrist conservative agenda that would imbalance a lot of "platform" staged debates where unplagerized thought "original thinking" would be better left to someone like Hilary; otherwise joe Q-U-A-Y-L-E could spell defeat. Not that I wouldn't invite that, if Giuliani were given the option to take out the trash and Roemer to clean up DC. (talk)02:33, 8 July 2011

Speaking of Hilary Clinton, I would support that she be put on the ticket with Obama. She has the qualifications, the popularity, the charisma, and the intelligence to do the job right. Obama/Clinton 2012! (talk)18:56, 21 July 2011

Hillary is part of the Establishment. No! (talk)23:45, 25 July 2011