Mr. Trump's "EXCUSES" for the firing of Mr. Comey

Too bad that Mr. Trump can not keep his stories straight ! This definitely shows that he is "making up every word he says at that moment in time !" His language is of someone without much education, his ties to his daughter shows that he can NOT get around without her, afraid that he will make a mistake and to help him "remember things" that he has such a hard time remembering that he said ... like during election " I will NOT play golf, I will stay at the desk and work, work, work !" Seems they both forgot about that "PROMISE" !! In my opinion of him (which is LOW) he cares NOTHING about America, the American people, nor upholding the Constitution ! He IS NOT a KING and NO ONE should show HIM loyalty ... but HE should show loyalty to the PEOPLE of the USA ... for WE are his employers !!! HE IS OUR SERVANT ! We did NOT vote him into office ( or anyone) to become a tyrant, king or dictator ! HE MUST ABIDE BY THE CONSTITUTION of THE USA and NOT what only "he" wants for himself ! LOYALTY runs both ways in our road of life ... you must also GIVE LOYALTY BACK !! I am an AMERICAN and PROUD OF IT and am LOYAL ONLY TO GOD, AMERICA and the CONSTITUTION of this GREAT NATION !! (and it has NOT lost it's greatness ... ever !) If you want to be a King Mr. Trump, go do it in another country, because we WILL NEVER LET YOU TAKE OVER AMERICA !!

LaJuan899 (talk)02:48, 15 May 2017

I recommend that you click that link and listen to the interview. It's ...revealing.

Darkfrog24 (talk)03:27, 17 May 2017

This man is unbelievable. The absolutely shameless and manipulation of the people (especially the less knowledgeable and the less educated, who massively voted for him).

I don't think he's manipulating anyone. He can barely string ten words together without losing his place. If he were my grandfather I'd take him to the doctor.

Darkfrog24 (talk)12:59, 25 May 2017

It doesn't necessarily follow that he isn't manipulating others. Nor that he isn't serving as a conduit for other manipulators.

Pi zero (talk)14:40, 25 May 2017