I am very pleased with this attitude towards the wearing of these headscarves. If it is considered the wearing of the Christian Cross to be offensive, then the same must go for all other religious dress. A very good move for Germany and I hope the laws will be obeyed and not just obeyed by the German people (Christians) but also by the muslem hordes.

Jumping JackJack (talk)12:36, 14 May 2018

Freedom of expression includes what one chooses to wear, and if one wishes to wear a headscarf of a cloth with a colour or even a motif, they should not be stopped from doing so. The only effect it has on primary school students is they find the motifs interesting. Unlike the Christian cross, which depicts violence, by crucifixion which can affect children. Is the Sikh community going to face inconvenient because of it? Turban is an important part of their clothing but I don’t see anyone complaining about it. Where is the neutrality now? And just to remind you,Jumping JackJack, that the Christian leader of Bavaria ordered hanging Christian cross on walls of classrooms, and other administrative buildings for “Bavarian identity”. So when one can not do it in the name of religion, this is what they should do? Say it is that area’s identity to tiptoe around the neutrality laws? Now that does not affect the primary children? I fail so see how wearing a headscarf is going to affect their work they are expected to do. (talk)13:41, 14 May 2018