[edit] Template documentation

This template checks a string to determine whether it is problematically all upper-case.


Pass as first unnamed parameter the string to be checked. Optionally, pass as second unnamed parameter a string officially designated as acceptable. Result is non-blank if a problem is detected, blank if no problem is detected.


code result comment
{{Source/uc?|Foobar}} string isn't all upper-case
{{Source/uc?|鄭治祖}} string is both upper- and lower-case
{{Source/uc?|FOOBAR|FOOBAR}} string is officially designated as acceptable
{{Source/uc?|FOOBAR}} x string is problematic


This template is meant to apply to the author parameter to {{source}}, to determine whether it ought to be delegated to {{source/ucauthor}} for special attention. Any of three conditions mean there's no problem: if the string is altered by shifting it to all-upper case; if the string is not altered by shifting it to all-lower-case; or if the string is identical to the second unnamed parameter, which is meant to have been manually checked and determined to be appropriate.