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This template provides citation information about archiving of a source believed to be no longer available. It suppresses all its output if used on a page that isn't fully protected, since archived sources must not be used during review (they could miss updates or retractions).

Because this is not transcluded unless needed, it should be less heavily used than {{source}}.


At least one of parameters {{{archivedescription}}} and {{{archiveurl}}} must be provided. The text generated is a short generic message (such as "archived version" or "archive"); if a url is provided, the message is linked; if a description is provided, it is a tooltip on the message.


The {{source}} template doesn't call this template without brokenURL=true, even if archive information is provided:

The rest of these show archive data when viewed on a fully protected page —such as {{source/archived}}, or any article in the fully protected archives— but not when viewed on an unprotected page, such as {{source/archived/doc}}.

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