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This is one of a series of sub-templates of Template:Sisters, each of which handles up to a different number of links. This one handles up to 4 links.



The unnamed parameters ("...") are parameters to Template:Sisters that haven't been used up yet.

Parameter {{{default}}} is the default sister-project name that was in place just before these parameters were processed; at the start of the call to Template:Sisters, {{{default}}}=wikipedia.

Parameter {{{specified}}} is the sister-project name —if any— given by the first of the unnamed parameters to this sub-template (Template:Sisters/4). If {{{specified}}} is blank, the first unnamed parameter is not naming a sister project (in which case, it's the name of a page on the sister project named by {{{default}}}). If {{{specified}}} is non-blank, the first unnamed parameter is redundant, and the second unnamed parameter is the name of a page on the sister project given by {{{specified}}}.

(Note that whoever calls this sub-template is responsible for parsing the first unnamed parameter, via Template:Sisters/parse, but then does nothing with the result of that parse except pass it to here. In particular, the caller passes in that first unnamed parameter without first deciding whether it's redundant.)

Creating new sub-templates in this series


If the largest-numbered sub-template in this sequence is n (thus, Template:Sisters/n), create sub-template n+1 (whose name would be Template:Sisters/n+1) by copying the contents of sub-template n and making the following changes to each of the two calls to sub-template n-1:

  • Change it to call sub-template n, instead of n-1.
  • Add another two unnamed parameters to the call.

For example, here is the difference between sub-templates 3 and 4: diff.