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Usage edit

Place this template at the top of a template documentation page (suggested: below other top-of-page templates). It supports a customization subpage, separate from the documentation page, for an optional high-use notice, such as {{high-risk}}. The customization subpage name is <template>/doc/use-count/doc. If the subpage does not exist or is empty, no notice is placed. Ordinarily, the subpage content describes the number of pages using the template, which description is passed to {{high-risk}}. Optionally, the subpage content may have a suffix &<x> meaning the description is passed to {{high-<x>}}.

Shifting customization to a subpage insulates the revision history of the documentation page from edits to the count; besides simply uncluttering the documentation history, this means the documentation page can be exported without change to other projects where the template usage may be different.

This template provides a link for creating or altering the customization subpage.

Internals edit

Logically, the customization subpage is an adjunct to the template documentation, so it would make sense to call it <template>/doc/use-count; however, {{possible-risk}} is meant to be used in Module: space as well as Template: space, and the Module: space is wiki-hostile, resisting creation of an ordinary content page unless its name ends with /doc.

If the customization subpage exists, this template calls subtemplate {{possible-risk/notice}} to generate the notice box, passing to the subtemplate the parsed leading and trailing parts of the content of the customization subpage. Always, this template calls subtemplate {{possible-risk/update}} to generate the create/edit link, passing to the subtemplate a flag indicating whether the customization subpage already exists.

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