Template:Non-free use rationale

Non-free / fair use media rationale - NEEDS ARTICLE NAME
Please read Wikinews:Image use policy before using this template.






Portion used[1]


Low resolution?[2]


Purpose of use[3]




Other information[5] {{{other_information}}} (optional)
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Description edit

This template facilitates creating a non-free or fair use media rationale with the necessary components.

Syntax edit

{{Non-free use rationale
 |Description       = 
 |Source            = 
 |Article           = 
 |Portion           = 
 |Low_resolution    = 
 |Purpose           = 
 |Replaceability    = 
 |other_information = (optional variable) 

Notes edit

Please read Wikinews:Image use policy before using this template.

  1. Portion used: How much copyrighted material is used? The amount used must not make the work as a whole less valuable to the copyright holder.
  2. Low resolution: Images must generally be of low resolution. The rule of thumb for raster images is no more than 300 pixels in width or height, which ensures that the image's resolution is less than 0.1 megapixels. If you are using an image of higher resolution, please explain why. If the image is 0.1 megapixels or less, just put "Yes".
  3. Purpose of use: How does the media contribute significantly to the article(s) in which it is used? The use of the media must not interfere with the media's original purpose.
  4. Replaceability: Explain why no free equivalent could reasonably be obtained or created to replace this media.
  5. Other information: If applicable, provide any other information that justifies the current use of this non-free media.

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