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This template should replace the image syntax when an image is missing from an article, past the article's deadline for substantive changes (as of this writing, 24 hours post-publication), because the image has been deleted. It displays a missing-image message instead of a redlink, and adds a brief explanatory message to the image caption, without removing the article from Category:Pages with broken file links. If the image becomes locally available, the local image is displayed instead of the missing-image message, and the article is not added to Category:Pages with broken file links. If the image is restored on Commons, the template will not detect this, but a redlink in the addition to the caption will become a bluelink.

Articles using this template are all added to Category:Pages with missing-image template calls; this allows DPLs to identify articles that use this template but don't have to (because there's a local image), and articles that don't use this template but should (because there's a broken file link).

Usage edit

To use, replace the outer double-square brackets with a call to the template. Thus,



{{missing image|File:...|...|...}}

If the image went missing locally rather than on commons, add to the template call a non-blank named parameter local. This currently implies non-blank itsdeadjim (below), so if this is specified, there's no need to also specify that.

If all efforts have been taken to restore the image (locally or otherwise), and the image is therefore judged unrecoverable, add to the template call a non-blank named parameter itsdeadjim; the page will then be added to hidden Category:Pages with irredeemable missing-image template calls, rather than Category:Pages with missing-image template calls or Category:Pages with broken file links.

Limitations edit

At present, only unnamed parameters to the template are used in generating an image.

If there is no caption specified, or if the image size parameter occurs after the image caption parameter, this template could mistake the image size for the image caption. A few particular image sizes are specifically recognized, so can't be mistaken for a caption; more can be added by adjusting sub-template {{missing image/caption?}} (see below).

Adjustments edit

  • To adjust how the caption is modified to indicate the image is not available, see sub-template {{missing image/caption}}.
  • To adjust what image replaces the missing original when not locally available, see sub-template {{missing image/file}}.
  • To add to the list of recognized size parameters, see sub-template {{missing image/caption?}}.
  • Currently, this template supports up to seven image-syntax parameters, including the file name and the caption; if that is somehow insufficient, you'll need to adjust it in this template and in sub-templates {{missing image/transform}} and {{missing image/display}}.

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