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Image: {{{1}}}.

[edit] Template documentation


  • First param = link to author
  • media = media type
default: Image
types: Audio, Copyright, Image, Movie, Music, Video
  • file = name of file without File: prefix
  • nocap = if non-blank, no caption other than this image credit (so, don't insert a linebreak)
  • paren = if non-blank, put the image credit in parentheses instead of on a separate line


markup result
{{image source|[[Commons:User:Pi zero|Pi zero]]}}
Image: Pi zero.
{{image source|[https://www.flickr.com/people/00000000@N05 Flickr Username]}}
Image: Flickr Username.
{{image source|media=audio|[[Commons:User:Pi zero|Pi zero]]}}
Audio: Pi zero.
{{image source|file=Wikinews article wizard workflow.svg|[[Commons:User:Pi zero|Pi zero]]}}
Image: Pi zero. (Reuse terms.)